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Welcome to The Rogue Reader, your destination for original fiction books.

We are authors of fiction books and publishers at the same time in a small yet great publishing house. Our mission is to help creative writers to publish their stories and bring compelling and inspiring fiction books to the reader.

Many people read and write stories, some people do it as a hobby, others take it seriously as their career. But there is one thing in common about these writers and that is the love for books. Sometimes, when boredom strikes, books are the answer for that. We read it wherever we are, in our bedrooms, living rooms and even in our garages protected by custom garage doors recently installed by our local Tucson garage door repair. Funny but true and there is nothing wrong about that, reading will give us more knowledge about a lot of things. So, we suggest you keep reading!

Here in Rogue Reader Publishing, we can showcase your stories to the readers all over the world. Each week we post one compelling prologue on this site for newly written books before they publish it.

We have several offers to you:

We are accepting creative and passionate writer and have a desire to be an author of various kinds of books. Just bring the copy of your stories in our office, and if it’s possible to launch, then we will approve it in a week.

Do you love books? We offer not just fiction books but there are variety of genres you can choose from.
*Fiction – The most common works loved by many.
*Non-fiction – Most of biographies are non-fiction.
*Anthology- Compilation of many different works.
*Romance novel- focusing on romantic love story.

—Online Books
Because The Rogue Reader Publishing House is serious in giving you a better service, we take our steps to a higher level. You can now read our stories right on your gadgets. There are numerous sample of books and prologues installed as ebooks. Here’s how to buy books there: Just search the author or publisher from Rogue. After that, choose what stories you want to read and then pay the amount found on the side of the book using your account for you to download it.

It has always been fun to write and read different kinds of stories. It may all differ in genres and themes but one thing for sure, these books can educate us, inspire us and open our minds to many things. A lot of people have been loving various works from different writers and authors. Be it professionals or even novice writers, if you can write nicely what’s on your mind, it will always be free to share them to other people. Let’s inspire others with our works or show them the skills you are hiding. Publish your books here and encourage more people to write and read books here in our website!

Thank you for dropping by! Feel free to join the discussion by leaving your comments and stay updated by checking our site.