In this website, I have created several categories for us to talk about reading and writing and on why these two things have big impacts in our lives. I am hoping that you can contribute some of your thoughts to inspire others. Please be aware that we are talking about this, to share knowledge to other. I sincerely hope that you will participate and make the forum meaningful and ensure the engagement between the readers and writers and soon to be.

I would love to begin the conversation, so I posted my comments already to start the thread.

–Reading, why is it important?

Megan: Well, for me reading is fun, it’s more like I’m in a different world. Especially, when I’m reading my favorite genre of book, which is fiction. Does anyone of you have an idea on why is it important?

Daniel: Hi Megan, I just want to add my thoughts and opinion in this forum. Reading will feed your mind, it’s like a medicine too. Book is my stress reliever and my friend.

Megan: Hi there Daniel, I appreciate your cooperation in the forum, thank you so much. If anyone, wants to share more, please do so.

–Writing, is it necessary for us to write stories?

Megan: Of course, it is necessary! How do we apply in a job if we cannot write? But writing a story is not necessary at all. Writing is for those who have passion in that field.

Dean: Hi Megan, have a nice day to you! I agree with you that it is for those who have passion only, but for anyone who wants to start writing, they can start right now and put their heart out.

Megan: Hello Dean, actually I realized that if they start writing now, it will develop later.