All Things Fiction

Why read fiction? We read fiction for lots of reasons. Even if it’s for personal or general interest, we read fiction because it brings a whole new understanding for us. Remember, you’re a reader, too. People read to be entertained. How about you? Do you also find reading a fun, interesting, and relaxing thing to do especially when boredom strikes you?

There are times when reading becomes work for many people. This is the time when problems arise. That is most especially when one has to figure out what’s going on to the story as they go through the roller coaster of emotions. They strive to make everything perfect but the only way to make the story seem effortless is to edit it first before publishing. You have to revise it whenever it needed to be so the readers find it flawless.

Because it is fiction, it has a crucial role, I guess. Does a drama on television helps you understand another person? Of course not! This is the ability of fiction – to help a person understand another person in a way where a television can’t make happen. Fiction readers experience the protagonist’s point of view and innermost thoughts. They spend hours with their perspective and thinking, and in learning the background of the characters. It is undeniable that when reading fiction books you are experiencing sights and sounds, right? But these are not the only thing we can experience. We also experience enhancement in other senses such as in our smell, taste, and touch if the authors let us do it by taking their time to describe these things.

Why do you read fiction? What do you love about your favorite books and authors? Think about it, when you understand why you read and why you enjoy the fiction books you read, it will help you write books that your readers will surely love.

How to write a good fiction book? There are several tips that can teach you how to write fiction books. People are creative, you just have to let it out and widen your imaginations. Remember, imagination has no boundaries you can create anything that is beautiful just by using your creativity. So this is how you do it:

Get an idea. You know when your walking along the streets many simple things happen that we usually ignore – like a dog running towards you while barking. If you listen carefully to their barks, a clear word can be heard. It may sound ridiculous or stupid but really any idea can be great.

When you have an idea, write it down so some other people can appreciate it. It is always subject to change so you can always change that. Maybe a bit of changing can help improve that idea if you’re not satisfied with it. There’s nothing wrong with either changing it or not as long as it is unique and original.

Work on the details and the main story. Decide if you want it to be a short story or not. Check your spelling, review it. Assitance from your family and friends can help. Their opinion on your writings, especially on you’re first, is important before you publish it.

Reading and writing fiction stories can be done in a place where we can focus and feel comfortable. A place like our own home with an Energy Efficient Windows Tempe. My home is my workstation with sliding glass windows where I can save energy. I find it comforting in a way that helps me focus more and concentrate while writing and reading fiction books.