About Us


Books are definitely one the most interesting things in the world. Curiosity can lead us to many things and that includes reading a book to gain knowledge and learn more about the world, it also gives us relaxation every time we read it.

As a book lover, and author for a long time, I thought that it’s time for me to give a chance to the creative writers out there who are dedicated and passionate in writing fictional books and other kinds of stories, by helping them to publish their work.

The Rogue Reader started in 2012 to help aspiring and creative writers to publish their works. I once started as an author in a small publishing house but this company doesn’t have an interest to publish books anymore due to bankruptcy. With the help of my friends and co-authors, we all decided to help the owner and re-run the publishing house. Thus, the Rogue Reader was established. In Rogue Reader, we are composed of authors, researchers, publisher and motivators. We will support your desire in your writing skills and in reading books. Rogue Reader also encourages everyone to read all types of books to help you gain your knowledge and share it to everyone. Most especially, we encourage you to read our fiction books too. As an author, we publish and present our own work too.

As for the request of others, and because social media world are very powerful right now, we take our books online. You can now enjoy reading our books right at your tablets, computer and even on your cellphones in an ebook format. For the details, just check the homepage of this site.

In Rogue Reader, authors are dedicated to their work and very passionate since we have been doing this for a long time. You can rely on us for giving you more great stories if you continue to support us.

Thank you for giving your interest in our site, we hope to see you more often.